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Design and Development of Jig and Fixture for Machining Processes

Ramesh Rudrapati, Lijalem Mulugeta, Getasew Yalew, Anwar Beyan, Abubeker Ahmed


Fixture is a work-holding device which locate, support and clamp the workpiece, whereas jig is almost the same as like fixture, but it also guides the cutting tool in lathe, milling, grinding machines, etc. The design and development of jig and fixture are important for obtaining good-quality machined jobs. The jig and fixtures should be simple in design and cost effective for economical usage. In the present paper, different jig and fixture attachments used for drilling, turning and other manufacturing operations have been discussed. Details regarding to jigs and fixtures and its necessity have been discussed. The present paper mainly relates to improvements in jig and fixture attachments and more particularly to a simple attachment designed to facilitate the easy cutting conditions in drilling, turning and other processes. From the study, some important summery points have been given. From the study, it is found that special care must be taken while designing and developing jig and fixture for manufacturing processes.


Jig; Fixture; turning; drilling; design and development of jig and fixture

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