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An Industrial Perspective on Production Planning and Packaging Process of Paraffin Wax



The more considerations that go into production planning the more opportunities for cost savings. Projects are scheduled swiftly according to promised deadlines, thereby avoiding overloading or under loading of the facility. The more efficient our production capability the lower production costs for everyone, as well as a number of other benefits. This paper attempts to study the entire production cycle, for manufacturing of paraffin wax and also to measure the performance of the manufacturing process by calculating different productivity factors. The entire paper is divided into chapters. Initially it represents a case study of production, planning, scheduling and packaging processes with respect to demand, inventory position and availability of raw material. Part of the study also involves knowing the market condition of wax in India. The productivity measures the performance of an organization, and it can also be used by companies themselves to assess their own progress. The importance of productivity is described in whereby it analyses different partial and multi factor productivities of the wax manufacturing process. Increased production due to efficient utilization of organizational resources leads to a lower cost production resulting in better sales and profits. The efficiency is also found out and recorded in our analysis. The efficiency value is calculated based on the total production with respect to the total loss incurred during a financial year. Based on the analysis of the study and the different productivity factors certain key points are jotted down followed by the conclusion in the last chapter. For the purpose of this project, the paraffin wax manufacturing industry selected was Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), Assam that deals with the production of wax.

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