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Optimization of Submerged Arc Welding – A Review

Rimeshikha Saikia, Dr. Parimal Bakul Barua, Dipankar Neog


Automated welding becomes an integral part of modern fabrication industry because of the gains in productivity, profitability and high safety measures. In the broad scenario of automated welding, Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) is extensively employed as one of the major fabrication processes in manufacturing industries due to its unique advantages such as higher metal deposition rate, good strength of the joint, high production rate, high melting efficiency and ease of automation. The present study highlights the different works that have been done in the past for improving different properties of welded materials. Also, the study focuses on the associated control parameters that has great influence on the weld quality. This review of SAW process would be of immense help keeping in mind the future optimization of SAW process parameters.

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