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Study of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Its Implementing Approach in Different Types of Industries for Productivity Improvement: A Review

Estak Ahmed, Tushar Ranjan Bora


Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a useful technique to increase the productivity of plant and equipment with a modest investment in maintenance. The paper reviews various productivity improvement approaches implemented by different research scholars in various manufacturing industries. This study mainly focuses on application and an overview of TPM philosophy as a systematic means for eliminating different losses and increase productivity in different types of manufacturing industries. This is done strategically by implementing TPM pillars on the basis of different tools and techniques, then performing root cause analysis on the basis of failure data, thereby increasing productivity. The paper also represents a comparative study of different research papers and journals where improvement in productivity was done by implementing of various industrial engineering techniques based on the resulted analysis they found. This paper primarily deals with the concept, introduction and implementation approach of total productive maintenance and its barriers in detail. The paper also deals with the necessity of TPM in organization structure to increase production, at the same time increase equipment effectiveness as well as production efficiency

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