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An Overview of Saliency Method of Object Detection in Image Processing

Anju Vikraman, Unni Krishnan, Rajkumar E.


Object detection is one of the emerging approaches in the field of visual analysis. Saliency methods are applicable in object detection and attained auspicious results in the case of ordinary images. This method focuses on the salient region to diminish the computational intricacy by evaluating the contingency of the foreground regions. The objective of this paper is to study various saliency detection methods. The discussed methods are region-based saliency detection, spatiotemporal saliency detection, low rank and sparse decomposition in motion saliency, background priors-based saliency, and video saliency detection model.


Object recognition; saliency detection; sparse decomposition: motion saliency

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Anju Vikraman V.J., Unni Krishnan, Rajkumar E. An Overview of Saliency Method of Object Detection in Image Processing. International Journal of Electro Mechanics and Mechanical Behaviour. 2019; 1(1): 1–5p.


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