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My Image My Privacy: Preventing Copy Deterrence Scheme in Cloud Computing

Anju Vikraman, Rajkumar E.


Cloud computing offers flexible and on-demand storages of documents, images, audio and video. Popularity of imaging devices increased the importance of images in people’s life. Huge number of images, their storage and maintenance are the main issues in the cloud computing; the reason is images take more space for storage than text. To keep the privacy of the sensitive images like personal or medical images, it should be encrypted before uploading to cloud. This scheme is based on the content-based image retrieval without spreading the sensitivity of the images that are encrypted and outsourced to cloud. Feature vectors are extracted from the image and pre-filter tables are generated for improving the search efficiency. Here image pixels are encrypted using AES algorithm. The main concern is that authorized users will try to illegally distribute the images over the unauthorized world. To prevent this distribution, a watermark-based protocol is used to prove the ownership of the images. Additionally, user complaints about the ownerships are also processed by extracting the watermark. Hence this scheme can reduce the copy deterrence of images by encryption and watermarking.


Copy deterrence; Content based retrieval; AES algorithm

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