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Improvement of Quality of Data Plate: A Case Study

R. Saravanan, Krishnaprasad S.


In the present industrial scenario, Indian firms are facing a lot of challenges from the multinational companies due to liberalization and globalization of Indian economy. In this context, it is imperative that Indian companies have to maintain sustained growth for becoming globally competitive, and hence, business units in India have been forced to adopt new strategies like total quality management (TQM) for achieving world-class standards. TQM is an integrated philosophy to improve business performance and achieve customer satisfaction by involving everyone in the quality management practices of the organization voluntarily. Industries have adopted various quality management approaches in order to improve the quality and productivity of their products. The present study analyses the rejection of data plate through a seven-step approach and recommends the corrective action measures to be implemented for the improvement of quality of data plate.


data plate; rejection analysis; seven-step approach

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