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Mechanical Characterization of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites Prepared by Using RTM Technique

K. C. Nagaraja, S. Rajanna, G. S. Prakash, G. Rajeshkumar


Composite materials play a significant role in many industries, starting from medical industries to aerospace industries. There are many researchers working in the design and development of the fabrication methods to prepare composite materials, which suits the industry need for a particular application. The success of composite manufacturing by RTM mainly depends on tool designs, efficient heat system, a controlled injection pressure, a stable vacuum system, proper layup sequence and the choice of the resin as matrix material. In the present work, the design and fabrication of the mould for resin transfer technique has been carried out. The composite laminates consisting of woven glass fibre as a reinforcement and epoxy as matrix are fabricated by using resin transfer mould. The tests have been carried out on universal testing machine to find mechanical properties such as tensile, compressive, flexural and impact strengths as per ASTM standards. The maximum tensile, compression, flexural and impact strengths are found to be 201.67 MPa, 56.11 MPa, 133.1 MPa and 8 J, respectively.


Resin transfer moulding; glass fibre; epoxy resin; ASTM; mechanical properties

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