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Experimental Investigation of Cool Recovery Device to Enhance COP of Water Cooler

Arvind G. Gupta, N. K. Deshmukh


As we know that, every year electricity becomes more and more expensive because of its higher consumption demand. Energy is produced by different sources like hydroelectric power plant, nuclear power plant, etc. The device uses electricity and does the work, but not all the energy is utilized. Some energy gets wasted and to avoid this wastage, a way must be found out to save energy which is wasted. Many researchers have found a way to recover this waste energy. This project work deals with the development of cool recovery device for water cooler. The waste coldness of drain water of water cooler can be recovered with the help of exchanging the heat from tank water, and the cooled tank water will enter into the water cooler. This paper work investigated and compared coefficient of performance of water cooler with and without cool recovery device for different seasons. In this paper, work effectiveness of cool recovery device is also determined

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