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High Temperature Oxidation/Corrosion Study of Cast and Wrought Steel: Literature Review

Lokesh Singh


This paper has been reported on the development of the protection measures against air oxidation. Already lots of the work have been reported regarding the same protection measures. In many a of the cases the oxide scale or oxide layer formed on the surface acts as a barrier for a further oxidation attack on it. The superior oxidation resistance of Ni based superalloy Supernia75 is attributed to the formation of oxides of nickel and chromium. The oxides act as diffusion barriers for the inward penetration of oxidizing species. In case of high at temperature oxidation resistant coatings, density and porosity play an important role in deciding the oxidation resistance. Dense coatings are always more resistant than porous coatings as they do not provide easy path for intrusion of oxidizing species for further oxidation. This paper represents that Magnetite (Fe3O4) and a hematite (Fe2O3) are formed in oxidation of steel or iron a below 570°C and above 570°C, wurtzite (FeO) grows. Aim of this paper is add to the knowledge regarding the oxide scales, for are ducing the loss of steel and for a better understanding of de-scaling of steel.

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