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Some Investigations into Electrical Discharge Drilling of Ti-Alloy Using Taguchi Method

Ishita Gupta, Gauri Tyagi, Satpal Sharma, Gyanendra Kumar Singh, Rajeev Kumar


Electrical discharge drilling (EDD) process has been made for creating holes in materials that are tough to machine, by creating sparks between the face of rotating tool electrode and workpiece. The rotation of tool electrode is upright and enhances the material removal rate (MRR) and lessens average surface roughness (ASR) due to powerful flushing of working gap. This paper presents the effect of various input process parameters of EDD, such as discharge current, pulse on-time, pulse off-time, and wheel speed on MRR during machining of titanium grade 5 alloy. L9 orthogonal array signal to noise ratio and analysis of variance methods have been applied.

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