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Optimization of Effects of FMEA to Enhance Quality and Efficiency of CNC Machines in Valve Manufacturing Industry

Raj Kumar Salvi


Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a systematic method for identification and
preventing problems of products and process before its occurrence. FMEA focus on
preventing defects, enhancing safety and increasing customer satisfaction. The FMEA needs to define parameters such as Severity (S), Occurrence (O), Detection (D) and Risk Priority Number (RPN). The conventional FMEA and grey relational analysis approaches are applied in this work. The rankings of the failure modes are both determined by conventional FMEA and the grey relational analysis. These approaches help to enhance the reliability of the prediction and the predicted ranking of CNC machines failure can be used for better decision-making concerning inspection and maintenance avoiding the possible risks and ultimately reduce the loss to the industry in terms of time, money and quality.

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