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Design, Simulation and Analysis of Jato Full Cone Nozzle to Compare Theoretical and Analytical Results Using Ansys CFX Software

Chetan Chaudhari, Atul Bangar, Mayoj Ghutukad, Sunil Jankar, Rohit Bhalekar


A spray nozzle is a device that facilitates formation of spray in a particular manner due to its shape or design. It atomizes the liquid into spray of droplets. It is often a pipe or a tube of varying cross sectional area and it can be used to direct or modify the flow of liquid. It is used to control rate of flow, speed, spray angle, pressure of the stream that emerges from them. Nozzles uses pressure energy of the fluid and coverts it into high velocity of the spray droplets. The different types of nozzles can be applied for different applications based on the characteristics of the nozzle. These characteristics define the basic geometry, flow characteristics etc. of the flow for each nozzle. Inlet conditions are taken as per industry standards. The effect of vane angle, orifice diameter is studied. Results of spray angle, pressure variation, temperature variation and velocity variation are obtained. Model is designed using SOLIDWORKS 3D modelling software and Fluid flow analysis is done by ANSYS CFX software. Flow pattern of the nozzle inside vain and spray coverage is studied. The comparison between theoretical and analytical calculations is done. The effects of various parameter on the spray pattern and the coverage length are studied. Result is obtained by changing any one of the parameter at a time.


spray nozzle, ANSYS CFX, Orifice, alloy

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