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Compressed Natural Gas Motorcycles

Mohit K Sharma


The compressed natural gas (CNG) is an eco-friendly fuel was used in this project for the gasoline engine convert to CNG engine. The modification was giving more advantage in emission. This project is concentrates to improve the average of the vehicle. CNG is considered to be more environmental friendly. There are considerably less pollutants associated with compressed natural gas being ignited, and studies show that it gives off 40% less greenhouse gas. As an efficient and environmental friendly the CNG engines become more popular than gasoline engines. As gasoline price higher the need for a cleaner and cheap alternative fuel becomes even more important. Among many options available CNG appears to be value-able option. Since CNG is a clean burning fuel, combustion it leaves little or no residue compared to gasoline or diesel. Thus, the damage of the pipes and tubes of the vehicle’s engine greatly reduced. There is also less particulate matter that can contaminate the motor oil. This results to longer periods in between maintenance procedures such as tune ups and oil changes. CNG is also lighter than air and will simply dissipate into the atmosphere in the case of leaks. CNG is a nontoxic fuel that does not pose any danger of contamination

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