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CFD Analysis of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing

Bapurao N. Rakhonde, Shubham R. Suryawanshi


Journal bearings have the longest history on scientific study of any class of fluid-film bearings. These journal bearings are widely used in most of the rotating machineries due to its high load-carrying capacity and formation of fluid-film thickness during the operation. This research paper represents performance evaluation of hydrodynamic journal bearing using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach. For this study, two different geometrical bearings are considered (circular and non-circular) operating with commercially used lubricant. Comparative analysis of both the bearings is carried out at the same operating conditions. Analytical results are obtained for pressure distribution for both the bearings and these results are compared with CFD simulated results. A good agreement is found between the comparative results that propose a validation of the analytical results. The CFD method can be a very useful tool for study on the bearing lubrication problem and can accurately predict the performance characteristics of hydrodynamic journal bearing.


Hydrodynamic journal bearing;Pressure distribution;Temperature rise;CFD

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