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Analysis of Physical Properties and Fabrication of Silicon Carbide, Graphite and Fly Ash Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites

Jaspreet Singh


In the present study, a modest effort has been made to produce aluminium based silicon carbide particulate MMCs with an objective to develop a conventional low-cost method of producing MMCs and to acquire homogenous dispersion of ceramic material. To achieve these objectives step-mixing method of stir casting technique has been adopted and subsequent property analysis is performed. Al 6351 has been reinforced by silicon carbide, graphite and fly ash material, respectively. Experiments were conducted by varying weight fraction of SiC (15%), Gr (6%) and fly ash (10%) and SiC (7.5%), Gr (3%) and fly ash (5%). The prime motive is to produce a MMC that has a good strength, less porosity, high tensile and compression strength with a reduction in weight and density, thus these above-mentioned materials has been selected.

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