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Modeling of 6 DOF Shake Table and Its Control

Ranjith Pillai, R. Mathiazhagan, P. Karthikeyan, Shiju Varghese, N. L. Soni, R. J. Patel


This paper focuses on the modeling of 6 DOF shake table and implementation of controller and inverse kinematics. Shake tables are widely used to validate the structural integrity and reliability of a specimen during earthquake. Hence shake tables are used to simulate the acceleration spectra of earthquake. Modeling helps to analyze the system and its parameters for better understanding. The inverse kinematics are developed using degree of freedom (DOF) control equation. The proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller is used with the feedback of actuator leg displacement with desired trajectories as input. The controller is built in Simulink and the output forces of the controller are given as the input to the sim-mechanics prismatic joint of the actuator. The whole physical system is built in sim-mechanics. This paper is an initial work of modeling the physical system without considering the hydraulic parameters and is limited to the kinematics and control of the system.

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