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Weldability of Ferrous Metals

Hayatu Misbahu Abdullahi


The weldability of various steels and cast iron were reviewed. Weldability of steel/cast iron refers to the maximum hardness of the HAZ and cold cracking susceptibility of welds. Many researches on weldability of ferrous metals were discussed; research on weldability of high carbon steel and white cast iron are limited. Most researchers inclined to hardness and tensile test of weldment of ferrous metals; researches on creep, fatigue, damping capacity, impact and toughness test of welds are limited. It is observed from the review that microstructure of HAZ alone cannot be used to predict weldment performance and also for effective welding of grey and ductile cast iron preheating and post heating are paramount.


Weldability, steel, cast iron, HAZ

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