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Characterization of Tensile Properties of Dissimilar Welded Joints of 316 Stainless Steel and HSLA Steel

M. A. Hayatu, E. T. Dauda, O. Aponbiede


In this research, dissimilar weld joints of 316 stainless steel/HSLA steel were produced using ER316L-16 and E7018 filler metals by varying welding parameters such as current and arc voltage. Heat input and travel speed was computed. The joints were subjected to tensile test and tensile values were determined, computed, recorded and analysed. The heat inputs were compared with the tensile test results. According to the results obtained and analysis carried –out the weld joint of E7018 (E) filler metal presented optimum ultimate tensile strength of 498 MPa at higher heat input of 3.32 kJ/mm while the weld joint of ER316L-16 (L) filler metal offered optimum ultimate tensile strength of 450 MPa at lower heat input of 1.66 kJ/mm. The optimum percent elongation of ER316–16 is 15% while that of E7018 is 19.5%. The results were compared with related previous works. Tensile strengths of specimen L and E are superior to that of HSLA steel but inferior to 316SS in as-received condition proving that the weld joints are satisfactory and meet requirements for engineering applications.


Dissimilar weld joint, tensile strength, heat input, percent elongation

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