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Fracture and crack propagations in plates - A review

Amit Kumar Gupta, Jyoti Vimal, Vedansh Chaturvedi


The development and applications of the boundary based finite element technique for fractured mechanics analysis are reviewed. Also, some researchers used the complex variable method and least boundary allocation method. In this method, most researcher investigated the 2-D isotropic, anisotropic and orthotropic materials for makes different types of plate such like this rectangular and circular with various cracks and hole cut-outs and these plates are used different types of bi-axial and uni-axial loading. When applied to 2-D linear fracture mechanics, any types of stresses are symbolized analytically with no local refinement, unique elements and improvement functions. Coupling process with the extensive finite element technique, meshless process and boundary element technique to handle changes in the crack morphology have been recognized. The outcomes of the review for this in efficient framework for fracture mechanics analysis. Examples of applications are provided to express their feasibility. This review paper is meant for the faster comprehensive understanding of this research area.

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