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Comparative Studies on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of As-cast and Retrogression and Re-Aged Aluminum-7075 Alloy

Hemavathy S, C. N. Chandrappa, Mr. Jagannath


Heat-treatable 7075 aluminum alloy (AA) has been widely used in aircraft industries because of its high strength and low density. However, further development is needed with respect to improve some mechanical properties such as hardness and toughness for more versatile application; this is achieved by retrogression and re-aging (RRA) heat treatment. In this study, 7075 AA used was prepared by using stir casting technique. Thereafter, RRA heat treatment is carried out, and various types of test on As-cast and RRA specimens are carried out. It was found that RRA heat treatment was successfully used for increasing the mechanical properties and also studied the effect of heat treatment on microstructure in the scanning electron microscope. After test results, a detailed analysis is carried out in terms of comparison.


AL-7075 alloy; retrogression and re-aging; Impact test; Vickers micro hardness test; microstructure

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