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Fracture Mechanics: A Review

Monalisa Das


Fracture mechanics is the field of mechanics which deals with the fracture present in that par-ticular structure and its propagation in the gradual period of time. It uses analytical solid me-chanics methods to calculate the driving force on a crack and experimental solid mechanics to characterize the material's resistance to fracture. Fracture is a major problem which society has faced in all our daily life, as we are using all the manmade structures. In past, the problem was worse as least solutions were there, but in this today's 21st century advances in the tech-nology solves the fracture mechanics problem in hand. This review study describes the history of fracture mechanics, its evolution after the World War II and also so many major failures happened in case of big structures, also, the reasons behind these failures and brief insights about the solutions of these problems from 1960 to present era.

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