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Blend Stability and Engine Performance Studies of Ethanol-Biodiesel-Diesel Blends

arun kumar


Ethanol is an attractive alternative fuel because it is a renewable bio-based resource and it is oxygenated, thereby providing the potential to reduce particulate emissions in compression-ignition engines. Ethanol solubility in diesel is affected mainly by two factors temperature and water content of the blend. Ethanol is immiscible with diesel fuel over a wide range of temperatures, leading to phase separation, so additive is require making stable blend. In this work the stability of Ethanol-Biodiesel-Diesel blends is studied by varying percentage of biodiesel and ethanol in a fix percentage of diesel (80%). The blend with 10% Ethanol 10% biodiesel and 80% Diesel is found to be relatively stable and suitable for performance and emission studies. Engine performance results on stationary, single cylinder, water cooled compression ignition engine showed similarity in performance with reduced emissions.

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