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Case Study of a Typical Underperformed Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant and Remedial Measures

MURCHANA CHOUDHURY, Pradip Baishya, Arindom Choudhury


With the development of technology, the efficiency of combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) has crossed the barrier of 60%. In this paper, a typical problem of low-output generation of a CCGT plant is analysed. During 1st four months of operation of the plant, the sustainable steam turbine power output was between 36 and 36.5 MW against the design output of 37.2 MW. This marginal drop is acceptable considering the degradation factor of gas turbines which in open cycle have completed almost 6 years of operation from that of the CCGT design period. But the output has gradually decreased and finally drops to the extent of 28–29 MW. In spite of several efforts the problem is not resolved till date. However, effort is on, as the plant has lost a considerable power generation vis-a-vis financial loss. The individual efficiency or performance of each constituents of CCGT like gas turbine (GT), Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), condenser, steam turbine (ST), etc. have been studied based on the parameters of pre- and post-corrective actions and design criteria. The maintenance that has been carried out in GT, HRSG and condenser has given a sign of some improvement which has been shown in various charts of the report. However, to achieve the designed sustainable output of the CCGT system on the basis of this analysis, a few major corrective actions in condenser and in the ST is felt necessary.

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