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Design and Analysis of Multicylinder Four Stroke Spark Ignition Axial Engine (Duke Engine)

Ch. Mani Kumar, P. Rajendra Babu


Engine is a very important component in automobiles and it is act as a prime mover. The engine transmits power to the road wheels trough linkages (Clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft and differential) against to the self-weight of the vehicle and external load, which results the engine components undergo stressed. The engine components also exposed to the heat so that the thermal stress are induced. Based on the above said points the stress and strain analysis is very important for engine components. The main aim of this paper is to design and simulate the thermal and structural stress analysis of a multicylinder four stroke spark ignition axial engine applications of 2318.84cc. The engine was designed by using solid works software and the three-dimensional thermal and structural analysis was done in the ANSYS software. This work investigated the amount of heat flow in the engine components (Cylinder and piston) and failure analysis of engine components (connecting rod and Crank shaft) of a multicylinder four stroke spark ignition axial engine. In this analysis three different materials were used for each components of an axial engine and based on the results suggested the best material for each engine components.

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