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Necessity of Automation of Irrigation System and Challenges in its Modernization: A Literature Review

Pratik Ashok Patil


The purpose of this paper is to report a review of literature that dealt with the factors arriving in the modernization and automation of the traditional irrigation process. The aim of this paper is to highlight the necessity of automation of irrigation system and focus the challenges in the modernization. It is necessary to automate irrigation process using modern techniques to avoid undue usage of water, as water is an essential element for life sustenance. Most of the existing modern techniques employ microprocessor based closed loop systems wherein Sensing unit and Actuation unit is integrated with Control unit. Such automated processes can perform accurately with low labor requirements. Sensing unit contains variety of sensor to monitor the soil status and environmental conditions. Actuation unit consists of pump motor and valves, while control unit consists of programmable devices which can decide what action has to be taken. Based on logics or programs control unit thus operates actuators based on the crops status as monitored by sensing unit. In this paper some of the modern techniques used to automate an irrigation process are discussed along with their reviews on the implementation of these systems.

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