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Trajectory Controller Building for the (KUKA, JACO) Simulated Manipulator Robot Arm Using ROS

Salih Rashid Majeed, Klaus Dieter Kuhnert


This paper describes the simulation of JACO and KUKA manipulator robot arm in simulation program (MORSE) and the programming process with robot operating system (ROS), MORSE is a simulation program, provides the 3-D environment, facilities of adding multiple actuators and sensors also it contains number of robots and completely supported by python and based on BLENDER game engine, MORSE contents of two manipulator arms one of them is KUKA, in this work we concentrated on creation a new arm model (JACO) in additional to the two others and control this arm by using (ROS). ROS is a middle ware package consists of many nodes, each one of these nodes operates as a separate operation. In this paper, a trajectory control for JACO arm has been implanted and control the arm using ROS message that have been programmed in C++.

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